Episode 29 - Charles & Colvard - Jessica Lesesky




This week on the podcast, we have another illuminating interview from the Catalyst Conference. Our guest, Jessica Lesesky, is representing Charles & Colvard, a jewelry brand who occupies a unique niche in the jewelry market. This was a really great interview because it gave us a chance to dive into all the work Jessica does with digital marketing, and how Charles & Colvard found their brand story. It is an interesting case study in how a brand can evolve as they gain a better understanding of their consumer base. 


It was a necessity to our brand to elevate our efforts to communicate our story to consumers.
— Jessica Lesesky

Charles & Colvard has a unique manufactured diamond product called Moissanite. Jessica will explain how, surprisingly, many of their consumers were not buying the manufactured diamonds for price, but for ethical reasons. Charles & Colvard has discovered an emerging consumer trend of ethical jewelry purchasing, and so they used this as fuel for their direct-to-consumer initiative. Jessica will share how the brand is also utilizing various sales channels, including a strong wholesale business to designers and manufacturers. Their online store sells directly to consumers, which makes Charles & Colvard a wonderful example of the power of ecommerce. 

Jessica will also share with us her precious professional history, including a wonderful look at what it is like to work at eBay. You will learn a lot from Jessica’s diverse experiences in this episode! 


  • Understand the unique ethical stance that Charles & Colvard has taken in the jewelry market. 

  • How the direct-to-consumer model was a necessity to the Charles & Colvard brand. 

  • Jessica shares her experience with eBay. 

  • The strategies to get brands out of the brick-and-mortar seasonality. 

  • Charles & Colvard has a robust distribution model that has ties to wholesale and direct-to-consumer. 

  • Everything Charles & Colvard does is devoted to the mission of less waste and incredible value. 

  • Jessica describes the priorities for international market penetration. 

  • Charles & Colvard is looking forward to distributing whole products, rather than just gemstones. 

  • Jessica explains the company’s relationship to Amazon as a 3rd party seller with seller-fulfilled Prime. 

  • The intricacies of selling jewelry on Amazon. 

  • Jessica’s advice for brands who are looking to utilize seller-fulfilled Prime. 

  • Consumers are more excited to tell others that their gem is Moissanite. 

  • Jessica shares her favorite Moissanite pieces.





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