Episode 27 - Conference Recap: ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2018




Bobsled Marketing was able to participate as media coverage for the ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Conference 2018. ChannelAdvisor puts together an impressive event that gathers together sellers, vendors, brand strategists, and other players in the ecommerce space. Over 1,000 attendees joined keynote speeches and breakout sessions on a wide variety of interesting topics. Kiri and Bobsled’s Sales Manager, Noelle Barnes, are going to share some of the highlights.

Amazon knows all this data about you as a customer, and that information is incredibly powerful.
— Noelle Barnes

You will hear perspectives from Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer for Uber, as well as unique insight from speakers about data and privacy. We will discuss the future of voice assistants and how brands are now in more competition than ever before. Industry experts will share their best practices for optimizing Amazon listings and ultimately making a name for your brand in the ecommerce space. Kiri and Noelle certainly got a lot of useful information out of the Catalyst Conference, and they are delighted to bring you even more interviews from Catalyst in the weeks to come.  



  •  Learn a little more information about the ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst Conference. 

  • Noelle shares her background in the tech industry and ecommerce. 

  • Discover our thoughts from the panel with Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Brand Officer for Uber. 

  • Why pop culture is important for brand competition. 

  • The power of Amazon’s data on your shopping preferences. 

  • Our thoughts on Scott Stratton’s keynote speech. 

  • Kara Swisher has a wonderful perspective on digital trends. 

  • Why Amazon has announced the total of Prime customers.

  • What we gleaned from the Amazon breakout sessions. 

  • Breaking down the journey of Google Express, and how they are differentiating themselves from Amazon. 

  • Buy a voice assistant and understand how it works. 

  • Look forward to our episode with Michael Zakkour

  • Keep your keywords in the title for your product search.



ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst Conference

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