Episode 21 - Interpreting Your Amazon PPC Data for the Most Accurate Insights




Listeners of the podcast and readers of the Bobsled Marketing blog are often asking us excellent questions about how to interpret their Amazon PPC Data. We have taken these questions and turned them into an info-packed episode all about how to optimize your PPC campaign. We would like to propose a foundational approach to understanding PPC because your campaign has a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Back with us to offer up his experience and perspective is Will Haire, Bobsled’s own PPC Manager. If anyone will be able to lay the foundation for a firm understanding of how Amazon uses data, it’s Will. Today, he and Julie will demystify PPC and cover the key terms you need to understand. Then, Will shares how to navigate the data available to you and how to use it effectively.  

Click through rate is an excellent indicator of how relevant a keyword is to your product.
— Will Haire

Will tells us that the key to using and understanding data is to know that it changes over time, and you need to give it time. Data tends to “settle” after two weeks or so, which speaks to Amazon’s latency period between purchase and data reporting. There are some common misunderstandings that brands might have when it comes to sales attribution, so Will is going to clarify that for us as well. When you have a well-versed and strategic mindset about PPC, you can use Amazon’s powerful data tools to optimize your listings and keep profits up. 


Key Takeaways

  • Will and Julie take a foundational approach and define some of the terms in use when talking PPC. 
  • Understand the impressions metric and how they are best used. 
  • What is a click, and why is it a metric? 
  • Some of the common red flags that you need to pay attention to. 
  • How to analyze your click-through rate metrics. 
  • Understand how spend and ACPC can give you unique insight on an aggregate and granular level. 
  • Don’t overlook the units sold metric. 
  • Bi-weekly updates are best for accurate data analysis with the Amazon latency window. 
  • Understand how the last click attribute method tracks consumer purchases. 
  • Learn the basics of Attribution Modeling. 
  • Categorize your keywords to understand when you need to be looking at that data. 
  • Some of our strategies are offensive, and some are defensive. 


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