Episode 13 - Leveraging Storytelling & User Generated Content




Today we’re running another great interview recorded live at the Shop.org conference in Las Vegas. On this episode, we are speaking with Lexi Cross, the co-founder of ShoesOf and a content marketing consultant primarily focused on footwear.

An entrepreneur with a really unique and interesting story to tell, Lexi shares a fresh and original content marketing perspective when it comes to leveraging user-generated content or editorial content online.

In a highly dynamic e-commerce space, Lexi comes in with a really out-of-box approach to storytelling and engagement. One really interesting topic in our interview is visual search and the way it can unfold for brands in the future. Tune in and learn more about Lexi’s experience.

We are just using footwear as a gateway into learning more about people and where they came from.
— Lexi Cross

ShoesOf, originally called Shoes Of New York, started four years ago as an Instagram account. Now they have expanded to different cities around the world and communicate through different channels such as their website, YouTube channel or newsletter.

Today the company offers consulting services to brands in the fashion space and enjoys a considerable follower base. ShoesOf is a user generated content house based on a captivating concept that feels original and personal.



  • Lexi explains how she came to start up ShoesOf.

  • The evolution of ShoesOf over the last four years.

  • Why Lexi's unique concept is so compelling for her followers.

  • The concept of being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

  • Exploring different cities by using footwear as a lens.

  • How Lexi monetizes her platform, ShoesOf.

  • They don't hold inventory- they push traffic to other retailer sites and earn commission that way.

  • The branded partnerships that ShoesOf gets paid for.

  • ShoesOf and their strategy on Instagram.

  • ShoesOf have a significant following of around 45 000 users.

  • Lexi discusses the talk she did at Shop.Org, about authentic content and storytelling.

  • The brands that Lexi thinks are doing a really good job of storytelling.

  • The experience Lexi had working with Nike.

  • Bringing influencers into the mix to get their perspective.

  • The brands that have done a great job with their content.

  • Some tips for smaller brands looking to build a more authentic connection with their audience.

  • Creating content can be easy- just get started!

  • What the future looks like for ShoesOf.

  • Lexi is really interested in the visual search technology.

  • What's to be found on Lexi's website.



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