Episode 14 - How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon




When it comes to protecting your brand from unauthorized sellers or counterfeit products, there are many different strategies that you can employ. Given all the options and lack of readily available information, it is no surprise that one of Bobsled’s most successful blog posts is about this topic. In today’s episode, we are bringing the article right to your ears as a reminder of all the tools and tactics that we believe to be the most useful against unauthorized sellers. 

Amazon, at a more macro-level, is being more sympathetic to brands protecting themselves.

Now that Amazon has proven to begin to fight against unauthorized sellers and counterfeit, we will recap the article with our own reflections and insights that new landmark cases and product developments have demonstrated. There seems to be a steady new trend in opportunities that are becoming available for brands on seller central. Amazon is shifting its approach with the advent of Brand Registry 2.0, as well as storefronts and landing pages that will protect a brand’s identity. We are expecting interesting results in the months to come and will revisit the issue as often as necessary. This is one of the biggest barriers that sellers face when they begin ecommerce on Amazon, but we will always be working to create strategies that your brand can use to protect your brand.   


Key Takeaways

  • We take a closer look at a case affecting the EU with luxury beauty brands. 
  • We revisit our most popular article to assess what has changed since the time we posted it. 
  • We have seven easy steps you can follow to protect your brand. 
  • Amazon is giving brands more tools to protect themselves on their own. 
  • Learn all about the brand registry benefits. 
  • Coupons are now available for registered brands. 
  • Some brands are doing so well on Amazon that they do not want to leave it. 


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