Episode 15 - How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon




Today, you will learn why reviews are such a critical component of your brand’s success on Amazon. You will understand how Amazon reviews have functioned in the past, and what shifts in policy have been made to prevent brands from incentivizing product reviews. We will break down our top strategies for brands to leverage their influence outside of Amazon, as well as tweaks you can be making to post-purchase emails. 

Product reviews remain one of the most critically important factors for your brand’s success.
— Bobsled Marketing

No matter how long your brand has been selling Amazon, getting product reviews will always be a challenge. Bobsled Marketing is committed to helping brands strategize reviews, and since a lot has changed since we first started putting out content on this topic, we thought it was high time we take a closer look. Reviews remain a fuzzy and nebulous subject, but it is critical to the success of your brand that you obtain them. If you are seeking to break the cycle, this episode is for you. 

Amazon is responding well to brands that show a bit of loyalty to their platform. Now more than ever, there are valuable ways to participate in Amazon’s own programs that will generate more reviews for you. Ultimately, getting reviews is about generating social proof that your product is valuable. More reviews will lead to higher sales and a tidy profit for you. It is well worth the time to think critically about how to produce more reviews for your products, and we are here to help. 


Key Takeaways

  •  Product reviews are incredibly important for your brand. 
  • Much has changed since 2016. We will show you exactly which information is out-of-date.
  • It is no longer acceptable in the Amazon terms of service to incentivize reviews.
  • Sellers need to be more creative than ever before to get reviews to roll in. 
  • Learn Our thoughts on giveaway promotions now that policy has changed. 
  • Brands need to think creatively about how to promote their product. 
  • How to utilize the post-purchase email sequence. 
  • Discover the new Brand Registry 2.0 and the early review program. 
  • Amazon responds well to brands who are trying their best to sell on the platform. 
  • It’s never worth it to try something sneaky.


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