Episode 15 - Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Amazon Sales




There is no doubt that Amazon is a category leader in retail and a platform that managed to disrupt an entire industry in the past years. They’ve done particularly well in responding to shopper preferences, but one aspect that brands selling on Amazon are still figuring out is mastering the top of the funnel in the consumer lifecycle journey.

In line with branding and advertising, brands are starting to discover the potential of influencer marketing to establish a powerful presence on Amazon.

Yola Robert, Marketing Director at Marque Media has a really insightful view on this emerging strategy and she joined us on the show to share her experience. We will be discussing how influencers can help consumer product brands grow awareness and cultivate loyalty, the intersection of influencer marketing with Amazon and how this strategy can boost sales.

Marque Media is a full-stack marketing and communications digital agency that offers services such as social media management, PR, or event planning and business development. At Marque Media, they work with a vast range of brands and more than 20,000 influencers, which gives them a unique perspective.

Marque Media is a small yet passionate team of visual perfectionists who capture their client’s visions and transform them into beautiful brand identities and elegant digital marketing campaigns. Tech-savvy experts, executing results-driven social media strategies that transform your social presence from average to amazing.

Awareness and exposure automatically come with engaging an influencer marketing campaign.
— Yola Robert


  • Yola explains how Marque Media approaches influencer marketing.

  • Most brands start with a social media strategy and PR.

  • Any kind of marketing campaign or initiative really needs to be cohesive.

  • What really makes brands sales and SEO take off.

  • The kind of results that are to be seen when consumer product brands work smartly with influencers.

  • Reaching new demographics with influencer marketing campaigns.

  • The really unique exposure that brands get with influencer marketing.

  • An overview of Amazon's influencer program.

  • Amazon's influencer program is a great way for influencers to monetize their audience.

  • Why you can sometimes get an influencer at a better rate if your products are already on Amazon.

  • There are many different types of influencers.

  • How the team at Marque Media helps brands to figure out what their budget should be for each influencer.

  • How results are measured and proved to brands.

  • The channels that are used to track the results.

  • The kind of brands that work very well with influencer marketing campaigns.

  • The CEO at Marque Media was a successful influencer when she opened the agency.

  • Yola feels that as if influencers are turning into their own mini-brands.


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