Episode 36 - Amazon Growth Strategies for Small Brands | Season Rewind



We are dedicating the entire month of June to a podcast season rewind! We will be rebroadcasting some of our most popular episodes from the past six months and we hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed discussing these very interesting topics.

This week we are sharing with you “How Small Brands Manage Rapid Growth on Amazon” - an episode with Dan Menk, one of the founding members of inVitamin.

Dan shared with us some great insights about how inVitamin handled rapid growth, what are the positive and the negative sides of a product going viral and how the brand is planning to manage its strategy going forward.


Smaller online retail brands face a unique set of ecommerce challenges. Today, we are sitting down with Dan Menk, one of the founding members of inVitamin. inVitamin is devoted to creating all natural wellness products at an affordable price. Dan is going to share how the inVitamin brand has handled rapid growth, and what they are doing to continue that growth well into the future.  

We have learned how to stay on top of our inventory in anticipation of those unexpected PR opportunities.
— Dan Menk

Ever wondered what happens when a product goes viral? Dan is going to share both the positive and the negative side of internet fame.  From keeping up with fulfillment to maximizing profits across multiple channels, Dan has the small business perspective that we need. In order for a company like inVitamin to reach over 30 countries, they had to use innovation and creative problem solving to maintain a strong brand presence. 



  • Dan tells us all about inVitamin and the grassroots approach to business. 
  • inVitamin began as an online retailer only. 
  • How Dan is trying to offer a more robust offering for customers on Amazon. 
  • Expanding on listings has been a key approach for inVitamin. 
  • Since inVitamin is not a large company, keeping up with supply channels has been a real challenge. 
  • What happens when a product goes viral. 
  • There are many good things on the horizon for inVitamin, and they are trying to grow well. 
  • The logistics of working with overseas customers. 



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