Episode 25 - What is the right advertising platform for your brand?




The end of 2018 is in sight and it's been a really interesting year for the podcast. We've managed to cover a wide variety of different Amazon topics, and answered lots of questions from our clients and prospects at Bobsled Marketing. Going forward into 2019, we will be bringing more of the Bobsled Marketing team members on the show, to talk about their particular areas of expertise and offer you even more insights.

Today we are very happy to introduce you to Nikola Basic, one of the Amazon PPC managers at Bobsled Marketing. We will be talking to Nikola about the differences between the Amazon, Google, and Facebook advertising platforms, and he will explain how you can choose the right advertising platform for your brand and budget.

Nikola lives in Subotica, Serbia, and before coming to Bobsled he was a paid search professional. He joined Bobsled Marketing fourteen months ago as a PPC Specialist and is now one of our PPC managers. Nikola is certified in digital marketing through HubSpot Academy and Google AdWords, and has achieved his Amazon Advertising Certification through their DSP platform, formally AAP. Nikola also has a Master's Degree in Finance and Business Administration. Tune in today to find out what Nikola has to share.


It's really great to have experience with a real business, and from that perspective, to understand how clients are thinking. I can better understand when clients point out certain details in their strategies."




  • Nikola explains what he does for his clients at Bobsled marketing, as a PPC Manager.

  • Nikola explains what his own business, in Serbia, is all about.

  • Having his own business helps Nikola to better understand, and empathize more with his clients at Bobsled Marketing.

  • The key differences between the Amazon, Facebook, and Google advertising platforms.

  • How to choose the right advertising platform for your brand and budget.

  • Nikola highlights some details about the different platforms in order to help you, the listener, make your own decisions.

  • Google started with advertising in the year 2000, Facebook started in 2004, and Amazon only started in 2012.

  • When Amazon started out with advertising it didn't have all the targeting features and reporting that Google and Facebook had.

  • There are currently lots of changes happening with Amazon.

  • It's going to be interesting to see the race between Google, Facebook, and Amazon advertising over the next few months.

  • The differences between Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


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