Episode 2 - The Vendor Seller Hybrid Model

The pros and cons of becoming a vendor vs. seller.



Are you thinking about becoming vendor on Amazon? Have you thought through the pros and cons of listing your products, while Amazon sets the prices? You want to maximize your profits and sell your catalog, but for so many businesses, navigating through the different selling platforms on Amazon can feel like a no-win situation. We propose that using a Vendor-Seller Hybrid Model can give you the best of both worlds. Amazon is changing the game and offering more reasons than ever to stay in Seller Central. However, some of the perks of going vendor cannot be overlooked. 

In this episode, you’ll be able to learn the Amazon Ecommerce lingo. We will analyze the merits and drawbacks of becoming a Vendor versus a Seller, including our best tips for your business. Finally, you will then be able to decide if a hybrid model is right for you. You want what’s best for your business, so let us help you get there! Sometimes, either/or just doesn’t apply!

A Hybrid Model is when a company decides to have a portion of their catalog as a Vendor, and another on Seller Central.


Key Takeaways

  • The background of the Vendor and the Seller program. 
  • The pros and cons of each type of platform. 
  • What actually is a hybrid model? 
  • Pricing can be difficult when moving to the Vendor relationship. 
  • How advertising opportunities can be changing the game for selling on Amazon. 
  • Our tips for brands who are considering switching to the Vendor program.
  • Who the Hybrid Model really will help. 
  • Creating a complementary catalog. 
  • Keep an eye on your goals.


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