Episode 3 - The Future of Brands on Amazon

How to make your brand competitive in the future.



The future of brands is fast approaching! Are you keeping up with the changing trends? Are you a distributor looking to generate trust with your consumers? Are you worried you are not prepared for the future? In this episode, we offer our opinions on how distributors can convert some of their brands in a Direct-To-Consumer Model. 

This more direct model has been gaining in popularity with consumers in recent years. Brands are having a wake-up moment, wherein they realize that a certain trust must be built with their consumers in order to be profitable. What does this new trend look like for the distributor, manufacturer, and retailer? You should be thinking about how to make your brand competitive in the future, and utilize some of Amazon’s newest offerings to do it. It’s a brave new world for brands, and you can be prepared for it! 


Key Takeaways

  • We define what a distributor is, and how their model is changing today. 
  • Direct-to-Consumer brands that you will recognize from your favorite podcast! 
  • There is a trust created between these direct business and the consumer. 
  • Generating a consistent experience for your customer with Bobsled.
  • Beta program, Transparency, will help brands understand the channels of processing for their products. 
  • Amazon is creating their own brands, so you can see this strategy in action. 
  • Generating brand exclusivity. 
  • White-Label products have increased competition for certain products. 


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