Episode 44 - New Product Targeting Features in Amazon PPC With Nikola Basic




Bobsled PPC Manager Nikola Basic is back on the show today, ready to discuss all about the new product targeting features in Amazon PPC! Recently, Nikola posted a comprehensive blog post on the topic, compiling eleven different sources for finding relevant products to target with this feature. In today's episode, we are approaching those sources more in depth and learning how to optimize for better PPC results on Amazon.

Product targeting is a feature that is available in Sponsored Product Ad campaigns. It first came out about six months ago. Although it is still relatively new, a lot of experiments have already been done to find really great sources of competitive products to target with this feature and to make ad campaigns really relevant in terms of their placement on Amazon. Tune in today and listen to Nikola’s professional overview!

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"The main rule here is that we want to be there when a conversion is happening. So products with a high number of reviews, where people are buying a lot of those products, we want to be able to place our ad exactly there so it is visible on that spot. That's one of the most important things."

— Nikola Basic, PPC Manager at Bobsled Marketing



  • Nikola explains what we had to use for ad targeting before product targeting became a feature.

  • With this new targeting feature we have much more sophisticated options for optimizing, and achieving better results.

  • Nikola gives us his opinion about whether the product display ads in Vendor Central are performing better or worse than the sponsored products that are using product targeting in Seller Central.

  • Nikola explains the major difference between the two ad types.

  • With a product display ad in AMS, you can only have a blanket bid across all of the different ASINs that you're targeting. Whereas in Seller Central's sponsored product ad, with the product targeting type, you can adjust the bids on every individual ASIN.

  • Nikola talks about whether or not there is a limit to the number of ASINs that can be put into a sponsored product ASIN targeting ad.

  • Some rules of thumb around the ideal number of ASINs to target in these campaigns.

  • Some of the sources that Nikola has identified for locating relevant ASINs to target when bearing quality in mind.

  • If you use the data that Amazon provides, you can create a really valuable list of ASINs to use for targeting.

  • It's quite normal for customers to be looking for different products in their journey of finding the right product.

  • How to best position your product, in the mind of the shopper.  

  • Nikola discusses the products that appear on Amazon's hot new releases list.

  • Nikola explains where to find Amazon's list of hot new releases.

  • Looking at the best sellers in your category, to grow your business and create new brand awareness.

  • Sometimes, in product listings, we find frequently bought together products. Those can be complementary products to yours, so this could be a great source of ASINs to target.

  • Amazon provides us with some details that are not clearly visible or straightforward, but we can use them and we can create a good strategy around them.