Episode 6 - The Future Interplay Between Technology and E-commerce with Scot Wingo




Would you like to know more about the future interplay between technology and e-commerce? Today we are interviewing Scot Wingo, who could best be described as a serial entrepreneur that started four companies and exited three of them. Scot is the founder of the public company, ChannelAdvisor, and although he has exited the business, he still remains current and relevant in the retail industry as their chairman. His latest and current venture is Spiffy, an on-demand car wash and detailing business. Along with that, he is also a co-host on the amazing retail podcast called The Jason and Scot Show, which we highly recommend you check out.

On the show today, Scot shares with us the strategic insights he gathered through his entrepreneurial journey, analyzing the impact Amazon can have on brands and retailers today and taking a glimpse into what the future holds for technology and e-commerce.

If you’re not on Amazon, you’re effectively not making your product seen by a really big chunk of the internet.
— Scot Wingo


  • Where Scot sees traditional retailers fitting into a world where brands are increasingly moving closer to the consumer.

  • The best angle for emerging consumer product companies to exploit.

  • The US consumer has split up into value-oriented and convenience-oriented.

  • What today's consumer is all about, with respect to brands.

  • Can any brands or retailers actually afford not to be on Amazon right now?

  • The best way for retailers or brands to approach Amazon currently.

  • Developing a 'frenemy' relationship with Amazon.

  • Customization is really the way to go.

  • Why brands need to participate with Amazon.

  • The upswing in private label brands.

  • By not selling on Amazon you are giving them exclusive access to your data.

  • Where Amazon's private label sits currently in the consumer market.

  • Scot's predictions for Amazon's impact on the future of brands.

  • Scot's take on the global expansion of US-based brands.

  • Scot discusses why he decided to start his current business, Spiffy.



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