Episode 7 - Top 4 Tips to Prepare for Q4 With PPC




Would you like to streamline your preparation for Q4 on Amazon? Today we have Ioana Andries, Stefan Jordev, and Will Haire with us on the show. And with September being the best time to start preparing for Q4, the PPC Bobsled team will be sharing top four tips for brands and sellers, to get their PPC campaigns ready for Q4 time on Amazon.

Ioana is currently a PPC manager at Bobsled Marketing. Prior to joining Bobsled, she was an advertising accounts manager for dozens of brands on Amazon. Today she will be giving out some really good ideas for inventory, launching new products, and product targeting on Amazon. Stefan and Will, both Bobsled PPC Managers and previous guests on the podcast, share their PPC insights around setting up campaign structures logically, running display ads or retargeting.

Tune in today to get some great tips for getting your efficiencies in place at the right time of year.


The customer behavior is changed during Q4, so you want to make sure that you will target them correctly.
— Ioana Andries



  • Ioana shares her top four tips regarding 1) Inventory 2) Reports Analysis 3) Budget and 4) Promotions.

  • The impact that stock-outs can have on campaigns that are running, from an advertising perspective.

  • Planning ahead with inventory.

  • Some things to pay attention to when preparing for Q4, with regards to PPC.

  • What will give you the most valuable information with regards to Q4.

  • The metrics that will determine the highest performing keywords.

  • How often the search term report should be checked during the preparation period.

  • Preparing for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and also Christmas.

  • Having plenty of room in your budget to allow for more clicks throughout Q4.

  • The best period for maximizing budget for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

  • Ioana's advise around promotions.

  • Coupons are a really effective promotional tool.

  • Stefan shares his take on preparing for Q4.

  • Grouping things together to launch new headline search ad campaigns.

  • Ways to get additional the traffic towards the listings you have coupons running for.

  • Ensuring that you organize your structure in the right way for your Q4 campaigns, to save you time when doing your data analysis in January.

  • The rationale behind resisting the urge to increase your bids across the board, during Q4 time.

  • Refining the back-end search terms and including keywords relating to gifts, around Q4 time.

  • Inventory management is really necessary, going into Q4.

  • Will shares his take on inventory management.

  • The importance of planning ahead.

  • Looking at your conversion rates.

  • Ensuring that your keywords are relevant.

  • Looking at your historical data and referring back to it when preparing for Q4.

  • Using Amazon's AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform) self-service programmatic advertising campaign, as an opportunity to target customers higher up on the search funnel and drive your results.

  • Will's best advice for getting your PPC in order when preparing for Q4.



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