Episode 19 - Voice Commerce: The Future is Here




The future of ecommerce is voice command technology. Amazon seems to think so, given its investment in and the success of the Echo. Google has caught on with its competitor, Google Home. These voice command devices have already created their own niche of ecommerce, voice commerce, and it is rapidly becoming a staple in many households. What makes devices like Echo and Google Home so fascinating for us is that they kind of came out of nowhere. In the past six months alone, the topic of voice command software has come up more than any other. It’s time to weigh in, and we have brought along two of the experts to help us out. 

The Echo brought all of the smart devices of your home together into a smooth ecosystem.
— Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange host the Future Commerce Podcast, a show that has gone to great length to chronicle the pervasive force that is voice command software. Both men were early adopters of Amazon Echo, and their perspective is invaluable for today’s discussion. Brian and Phillip will share where the future of voice commerce is going. We will chat about the rise of re-ordering, the integration of smart home technology, and how the sophisticated network of voice supported software is sure to boom in 2018. As Phillip and Brian would say, the Amazon Echo has become an operating system for your home. It has become more than voice commerce, just as Amazon has become more than an online retailer. 

These guys said it best: the future is here. Voice commerce is now integrated into daily life for many individuals. Just as the Apple App Store was once a novelty for early adopters, and is now as ubiquitous as the smartphone, so will voice commerce become. It is only a matter of time and technology. 


Key Takeaways

  • Phillip and Brian tell us why they started Future Commerce, and what their perspective on voice technology currently is. 
  • Even though many had doubts about the Echo, it has proven to be a useful piece of technology. 
  • Reordering and shopping lists are two of the natural, convenient ways that voice commerce is shaping lives. 
  • The Echo brought the ecosystem of your home together through automation. 
  • The Dash button has paved the way for predictive shipping patterns. 
  • Learn the biggest criticisms of voice software and “skill abandonment.” 
  • Brain’s predictions for the future applications of voice software. 
  • Taking cues from early adopters like Starbucks can help us predict the future of voice. 
  • Brands need to tell stories through spoken word. 
  • The role of advertising in voice technology. 
  • Amazon is transforming into a search engine. 
  • Brian and Phillip share their thoughts on Facebook’s non-engagement with voice.


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