Episode 8 - Must-Have Tech Tools for Managing Your Amazon Channel




Let’s get a different perspective about Amazon! Today we're talking to Jen Hozer, a project manager at Bobsled Marketing, who comes to us with a new angle, as she has a background in a very different industry. Jen gives us her viewpoint as an ex-Amazon seller, along with some must-have tech tools she used to manage her own Amazon channel.

For Jen, Amazon represents one of the pivot points in her career and it is really interesting to hear the story of how she became a seller on Amazon. This episode is packed with lots of really valuable tips, tricks, and tools that she herself has used successfully. She talks about product discovery tools, the way that they can be used for competitive analysis or to help you figure out additional products that can be added to your existing bundle of products. Jen also shares some great insights about design and product imagery, taxes tools or shipping management.

Tune in today to get some really practical, tactical and applicable advice and tech tools!


I loved the interaction with my buyers and drumming up an audience through other channels like social media.
— Jen Hozer



Jennifer has spent the majority of her career in the entertainment industry. From the Ellen DeGeneres Show to NBC, her skills as a producer, and as an executive growing a licensing division within the network, tapped her expertise in business strategy, marketing and project management.

Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to Amazon and she never looked back. She successfully launched a brand of French born baby products with great success. Over the last few years she ran her own consulting company helping clients achieve success in revenue growth and brand awareness through her creative solutions and results-oriented strategic vision.

Jennifer is passionate about problem solving, always looking for solutions that will improve any situation for her clients so they can realize their goals. She calls Los Angeles, California home.




  • Jen explains about her background, what brought her to Amazon, and what her experience at Amazon was, prior to joining Bobsled.

  • How Jen has married her past experience with what she is doing currently.

  • Jen finds it so much fun to express her brand story.

  • The tools that Jen has had to leverage to manage her account and ensure that the operational and accounting aspects were covered, outside of the branding and marketing.

  • Jen gives her top recommendations for third-party solutions to manage your Amazon channel.

  • Jen's take on Jungle Scout- it's really made things a lot easier.

  • What Jen found out about pacifier sunglasses, using Jungle Scout.

  • How Jen uses the AB split-testing feature of Jungle Scout.

  • Images are playing a bigger and bigger role on Amazon today.

  • Jen's recommended tool for optimizing or managing your product images. (LunaPic)

  • Using the right format to create a transparent background for your images.

  • Some free tools such as Canva.com and resources for creating really great images.

  • How Jen managed the accounting aspect of being a seller on Amazon.

  • Why TaxJar was Jen's number one go-to tool for taxes.

  • Managing shipping and complex inventory management.

  • Don't stress- just start and do something today!

  • Kiri recommends using Forecastly for forecasting and inventory with Amazon.



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