Episode 17 - The Dirt with Johg Ananda, CEO at GiveMeTheDirt.com





In today’s episode, we are bringing you an interview with one of Bobsled’s clients to showcase both the light and the dark side of selling on Amazon. The Dirt and Johg Ananda have been working with Bobsled Marketing to maximize their profits on Amazon, but that is not this wellness company’s only channel for ecommerce. Johg will describe why having a multi-channel ecommerce brand has been beneficial for The Dirt, and will then balance that with practical advice for other brands of a similar size and nature. 

Amazon and our site are two pieces that are dancing with one another rather than two pieces that are fighting one another.

The Dirt benefits from having a strong brand presence outside of Amazon. You need this type of brand recognition in order to be strategic with multi-channel sales. This sure foundation is what enables Johg to have the clarity to analyze each channel individually. He certainly has a lot to teach multi-channel brands, so listen to this week’s episode for practical tools and strategies for your next moves. 


Key Takeaways

  • Johg shares the story behind Give Me The Dirt and why ecommerce was an easy fit. 
  • The Dirt is committed to being on Amazon, but his feelings are certainly mixed. 
  • The Dirt uses their website like a showroom to fill customers carts.
  • Johg explains how the customer experience has been on Amazon. 
  • Amazon allows customers to get your products instantly! 
  • Buying from the The Dirt website incentivizes customers to spend more. 
  • How the brick and mortar retailers think of The Dirt’s omnichannel strategy.
  • Jogh shares why he does not have a clear favorite channel of commerce. 
  • The elements that set The Dirt apart from the crowd on their website. 
  • Johg’s best tip for new brands is to not start out in wholesale. 
  • Discover all the secrets to The Dirt’s success. 
  • Talk to your consumers about their needs before listing on Amazon. 
  • Multi-channel is the smart solution for brands like The Dirt.


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