Episode 5 - Marketplace Analytics

Interview with Ken Cassar from Slice Intelligence



With the rise of profitability in the online marketplace, it is shocking that many large CPG brands are still ignoring the Amazon marketplace. Many brands are reluctant to get involved because of how their brand or products might be perceived by the consumer. The data shows us that consumers are increasingly turning to Amazon for a large percentage of their online shopping, and it is time for brands come to terms with that. For many brands, that may mean a decrease in immediate control in order to reap the long-term benefits. 

Amazon admitting they had some measure of control over the marketplace marks a shift in the bigger tech companies admitting they need control.

Here to shed some light on how brands can be better engaging with the marketplace is Ken Cassar, Principle Analyst at Slice Intelligence. Ken and Kiri both contributed recently to a webinar hosted by RetailWire about engaging with the marketplace, and Slice is on the cutting edge of analytics on the subject. Since its foundation in 2010, Slice Intelligence has been collecting data measurements from five million consumers who engage with their technology. Apps like the Slice App and Unroll.Me offer a mutual trade of information in order to aggregate data about consumer habits. As a result of this huge sample, Slice has learned a thing or two about what consumers actually want. 

How should brands be leveraging the analytics on the Amazon marketplace? Consumer data points strongly to the fact that brands need to be engaged while armed with industry-specific data. Brands must own their presence on Amazon, which includes aggregating some competitive context. With wildly varying markets and new data becoming available every day, it is time to stop grieving loss of control and engage with the Marketplace. Listen to this week’s episode as Ken shares his extensive Marketplace knowledge. 


Key Takeaways

  • We discuss why brands are reluctant to engage with the Amazon Marketplace. 
  • Amazon’s goal is ultimately the customer, and yet brands still need to be engaging. 
  • How Slice Intelligence has been able to utilize data from over five million users. 
  • The Marketplace varies wildly across categories, which makes a context for data analytics even more important for brands. 
  • Learn about the future of brand relationships from the “Nike Situation.” 
  • Discover how brands are harnessing the Marketplace to their advantage. 
  • Hear your two big opportunities for your brand to expand its Marketplace reach. 
  • Ken shares what he believes is the future of the Marketplace.



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