Episode 28 - Introducing New-to-Brand Metrics for Amazon Advertisers




2019 is set to be a year of change! This week we are talking about a big announcement from Amazon Advertising. A new, really big feature was rolled out by Amazon and it’s called New-to-Brand Metrics. In today’s episode, we are breaking down this new addition, what it means for the Amazon advertising ecosystem in general, and how brands can really take advantage of it. Tune in today and find out more!

Will Hare, a PPC Manager here at Bobsled Marketing, joins us once again today. Will has been an advertising manager with Bobsled Marketing for just over a year now and he has been managing PPC campaigns on AMS, and sponsored products and brands on Seller Central and Amazon DSP. Given his role at Bobsled, Will is privy to all the changes to Amazon's ecosystem, with both the new ad types and targeting options, as well as the different tracking options and ways to view the effectiveness of ads. Listen in to find out what he has to share with us today about Amazon's New-to-Brand Metrics.

It’s a new metric that we’ve never seen before on Amazon, that allows advertisers to measure orders and sales of products, generated from first-time customers of your brand on Amazon.
— Kiri Masters


  • There will a lot more data available with all the new ad features that Amazon advertising is going to roll out in 2019.

  • Will describes what New-to-Brand Metrics is and where it's available.

  • New-to-Brand Metrics allow advertisers to measure orders and sales of products, generated from first-time customers of a brand on Amazon.

  • Will and Kiri offer some of the ways in which this new data-set is really helpful for brands.

  • Brands and sellers can expect repeat purchases from customers as well as the initial purchase.

  • Will thinks that New-to-Brand Metrics are the first step in the direction of transparency and he predicts that it will be rolled out to sponsored ads, into Seller Central, and onto AMS. This will help some advertisers to see a more end-to-end view of each channel than before.

  • Will thinks a separation between the Amazon customer versus their website customer will start to become apparent.

  • Why Will chooses to buy from Amazon rather than using Google.

  • We're in the midst of seeing a shift between how a website is used and how it's used effectively, versus using some of these third-party platforms, like on Amazon.

  • It will be interesting to see how shopping habits change over the next few years.

  • Why it's time to buy in on Amazon right now.

  • With this move, Amazon is trying to position themselves as more of a branding platform and more of a way to do branded advertising.       

  • With this new metric, Amazon is also trying to prove its worth as a branding advertising vehicle.

  • The two worlds of display and branding advertising and PPC are converging to become a compelling vehicle for brands.


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