Episode 29 - All You Need to Know About Amazon DSP




Will Haire, one of our PPC managers here at Bobsled Marketing, is back with us today to continue the conversation about Amazon's big new roll-out. In this interview we are approaching Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), an enticing opportunity for brands, due to all the new features that are being rolled out. Will explains how Amazon differs from all other DSP networks, the different phases of the shopper's journey and the targeting options that are available for advertisers currently. Stay tuned to find out more.

Will has been with Bobsled for a little more than a year and he has been managing PPC campaigns on AMS, and sponsored products and brands on Seller Central and Amazon DSP. Given his role as advertising manager, Will is introduced to all the changes to Amazon's ecosystem, with the new ad types and targeting options, as well as the different tracking options and ways to view the effectiveness of ads.

Amazon DSP is more like Google’s Display Network, where you’re buying banner ads and larger spaces to do more creative ad placements.
— Kiri Masters


  • Amazon DSP is like Google's Display Network, where you can buy banner ads and larger spaces to do more creative ad placements.

  • Kiri explains why there's a lot more convergence of the display advertising ecosystem and the PPC ecosystem.

  • Will is all about lifetime value.

  • Will explains what we need to know about DSP today.

  • How Amazon's DSP differs from Google's display network, the Double Quick and Facebook.

  • Amazon has shopping data on billions and billions of users.

  • Will explains how big Amazon really is.

  • How Amazon differs from all other DSP networks.

  • Why Amazon DSP is getting so much traction lately.

  • The types of targeting options in the different phases of the shopper's journey that are available to advertisers.

  • The two main brand-awareness strategies that advertisers are using with DSP.

  • DSP is a higher-level strategy for the more sophisticated advertiser.

  • Re-targeting is really a no-brainer in most cases.

  • If your brand can't afford $3 on ads spent, DSP won't be a good fit.

  • What Will sees coming down the pipe in the DSP network in 2019.

  • Amazon is continuing to invest in OTT (Over The Top) advertising technologies. This really helps to touch people in their entertainment phase.


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