Episode 31 - Embracing Amazon Strategically with Shopify




Today’s topic revolves around Shopify, a very popular Ecommerce platform that helps over 20.000 merchants manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.

Not surprisingly, Shopify embraced Amazon and its ecosystem early on, offering native integrations with Amazon FBA, bringing a great advantage to smaller brands and developing at a really fast pace. And what better way to break down this fascinating topic than a podcast episode with our special guest and Shopify expert, Kurt Elster of Ethercycle?

Kurt is one of the most highly regarded independent Shopify consultants in the industry, working exclusively with Shopify store owners. He is also the founder of the Ecommerce agency Ethercycle, the creator of an insightful blog and weekly Ecommerce hacks video series as well as a host of the amazing Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

This is definitely a show you shouldn’t miss - tune in!

I think the time-tested unchanging truth of the web is 90% typography. So copywriting is always going to be your number one conversion rate optimization tactic. We can come up with the most fascinating crazy pieces of software, widgets and toys to use, but nothing is going to be as powerful as copywriting.
— Kurt Elster


  • Kurt talks about the Unofficial Shopify Podcast and its evolution.

  • Kurt and his team built the Jay Leno’s Garage store.

  • How Shopify begins to push towards working with larger companies.

  • Shopify is a self hosted platform in contrast with platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce.

  • The pros and cons when choosing Shopify instead of Magento or WooCommerce.

  • Major trends and developments that gained momentum on Shopify: big brands are taking a direct-to-consumer approach, advanced tools are becoming more accessible to everybody, marketing automation is becoming more attainable, personalization is evolving.

  • Shopify can be an opportunity to learn more about Amazon shoppers.

  • Using Shopify allows income diversification and ownership.

  • It’s essential to understand the different experiences a customer has on Amazon compared to an Ecommerce store and leverage those gaps.

  • Real examples analysis of conversion rates and consumer preferences.

  • Leveraging email marketing and personalization to build a relationship with your customer and improve customer lifetime value.

  • On-site personalization in action.

  • How does the integration between Shopify and Amazon function.

  • Tips and advice from Kurt to improve conversion rates and traffic quality.

  • Why copywriting is such an important conversion rate optimization tactic.

  • The importance of listening to your customers.


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