Episode 30 - Leveraging Off-Amazon Advertising to Strengthen Your Amazon Presence




Looking to grow your Amazon presence and drive traffic to your Amazon listings? Today we’re having a conversation about leveraging off-Amazon advertising opportunities with Julie Spear and Advertising Director Stefan Jordev.

A few things have changed in the last year and with this conversation, you will learn why it would be beneficial to go off Amazon and use third-party search as well as social platforms to drive traffic to Amazon. Julie and Stefan are talking about what’s changed and why it makes much more sense right now to be looking at external traffic sources to send to Amazon. They will also be discussing the best time to consider this strategy, how to set your budget, and how to measure your results. Tune in to find out how Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP, and paid search and paid social all tie in together with your Amazon strategy.

Stefan is Amazon Advertising certified, as Bobsled was among the first companies in the World to participate in Amazon's BETA certification program. Prior to Bobsled, Stefan managed digital advertising campaigns at the Swedish software and consulting company Seavus, worked on a master's degree in E-business, and became a thought leader in the online marketing space, having written for several top industry publications. Tune in to find out about the opportunity that off Amazon targeting efforts can offer brands selling products on Amazon.

It feels like every year, every day, there are new competitors joining Amazon and sellers are looking for new, creative ways to stand out from the crowd and to drive traffic to their listings. I think this is where the idea of off-Amazon advertising falls into place.
— Stefan Jordev


  • What Stefan would define as off-Amazon advertising opportunities.

  • Many businesses are realizing that just using Amazon PPC is simply not good enough anymore.

  • People are looking beyond Amazon now, to drive that additional traffic and get those additional sales.

  • Where Stefan sees the main focus for off-Amazon Advertising.

  • Stefan explains how knowing your target audience well will inform you when to use search and when to use social.

  • Why using Google would be an advantage.

  • The more narrowly your target audience is defined, the better partner social media will be for you.

  • Stefan's approach to setting a marketing budget.

  • Stefan recommends advertising on Amazon as a starting point.

  • The beauty of digital advertising is that you can get to see which platform is a better fit for your product type in a relatively short time.

  • Go slowly, be strategic, and watch what happens.

  • What DSP is and the role it could play in a brand's overall advertising efforts.

  • DSP is about advertising beyond the Amazon platform.

  • Getting to know the targeting options available on search and on social.

  • Addressing some potential concerns about spending money on advertising off Amazon.

  • Why Stefan definitely recommends navigating traffic to your Amazon storefront.


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