Episode 38 - The Amazon Expansion Plan Relaunch




This week we are sharing with you a really exciting episode! The 2018 version of the Amazon Expansion Plan is going live and Kiri Masters is here to tell you all about what's changed in 2 years of selling on Amazon. We are also giving the book away for free on Kindle from June 27th until the 1st of July. So stay tuned on social or register here to get your free copy!

This book was conceived to help consumer brands grow their revenue and market share. If your business wants to reach a wider customer base and see a consistent growth in sales, one of the best tools at your disposal is leveraging Amazon’s market penetration, global distribution, and logistics capabilities. Now you can learn all about it from one single resource - check it out!

This is a really foundational book that offers a comprehensive overview of the Amazon system. It can be helpful to you at any stage, even as a well-established brand.

The 2018 version of the book highlights the myriad of new programs, policy changes, and best practices that have occurred during the last 2 years, including the closure of vendor express and the use of the Hybrid Vendor Central / Seller Central selling model, the increase in advertising as a revenue driver and the importance of brand protection. 



  • Kiri explains the most important themes that emerged since publishing the first edition.
  • Kiri talks about Vendor Express closing.
  • The Hybrid Selling Model emerging.
  • Advertising and PPC specifically being a significant revenue driver for brands and for Amazon.
  • Amazon building up a more sophisticated advertising platform.
  • Acknowledging the issue of Brand Protection on Amazon.
  • What is Amazon Transparency?
  • Going through an overview of the book contents.



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What's Changed In 2 Years Of Selling On Amazon?
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