Episode 39 - Amazon PPC Advertising 101 - Back to Basics




Are you new to the Amazon scene? If so, are you aware of the importance of advertising on Amazon? Today, Bobsled's Advertising Director Stefan Jordev, joins us for an elementary discussion about Amazon to bring everyone up to speed on how Amazon is different to other performance marketing vehicles, and to explain the main principles of selling metrics.

Advertising on Amazon is vital for gaining momentum with new and existing products, for driving profitable growth, and for reaching new customers. The Amazon ecosystem has really started to mature over the last year or so and this can be seen through its vastly improved reporting based on data and analytics that are now accessible from Amazon. Evolution can be observed as well with advertising campaign types and targeting options. Hence, these recent improvements have really justified the increased marketing budgets spent on the platform. Tune in to find out more!

I think the auto campaigns which Amazon has are just a great way to get started with advertising and to understand how your target audience searches, so you can refine your campaigns.
— Stefan Jordev


  • How much digital advertising has changed in the last ten years.

  • People are selling on Amazon, so they might as well be investing there as well.

  • With more people competing for the same keywords, the same target audiences, and the same sections, cost per click (CPC) has been increasing.

  • Data shows an increase in CPC across all categories on Amazon.

  • Kiri explains more about cost per click and bidding for spaces.

  • Stefan explains the difference between the two main types of ad campaigns for sellers, in Amazon PPC.

  • How you would use sponsored products to target a competitor category.

  • When to use a manual campaign, versus when to use an automatic campaign, for sponsored products.

  • Why Stephan thinks Amazon's auto campaigns are a great way to get started with advertising.

  • About the secret Amazon algorithm.

  • Using relevant keywords on Amazon.

  • Stefan advises you to let the data tell your story.

  • When you would use manual campaigns on Amazon.

  • Keywords are the foundation of your listing.

  • It's very easy to do basic keyword research on Amazon.

  • Looking at your ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) on Amazon. Your ideal ACOS should be equal to your profit margin or lower.

  • The metrics that you should be looking at, apart from ACOS.

  • Profitability versus growth.

  • Following the 25% rule.


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