Episode 50 - Prime Day 2019 Recap




Last Monday we were a part of the fifth Prime Day that’s been run by Amazon so far and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. And what better guest to analyze this event with than Stefan Jordev, our Advertising Director here at Bobsled Marketing and a regular guest on the show.

A lot of planning and preparation went on for several months during the build-up to the event, and fortunately, it went off well for Amazon this year. Last year, however, there were a lot of frustrating technical issues. This meant that brands that had paid big money for lightning deals and put a lot of effort into advertising campaigns, were disappointed when Amazon's website crashed. 

In today's episode, Stefan and Kiri discuss the effect of Prime Day on other retailers. Some of the major sites, like Nike, Best Buy, The Gap, and Macy's, saw a massive increase in traffic and sales this year. It seems that they have finally stopped resisting and that this year they have taken Prime Day seriously because they all came up with hype, sales, and good deals on the 15th and 16th of July. The data received from this year's Prime Day was encouraging and even Amazon appears to have benefited from their competitors running these deals. Tune in today to find out about the mutual benefits that so many platforms experienced from getting involved with Prime Day this year, and why it would be worth investing as much money as you can spare during future Prime Days.

It definitely seems like this was a win, win, win situation where Amazon, users & sellers on Amazon as well as other platforms benefited from Prime Day.
— Stefan Jordev


  • This year's Prime Day was a win-win situation across the platforms.

  • Many more platforms got more involved with Prime Day this year.

  • Other platforms found unique and creative ways to get involved with Prime Day this year and, ultimately, everybody benefited.

  • Day one was significantly better than day two, across the board, in terms of sales and overall results.

  • Stefan explains why Amazon played this year's Prime Day in the right way.

  • The analytics from Adobe found that the sales on the second day were still strong because conversion increased, rather than the total traffic.

  • Stefan explains why stopping all your campaigns is never a good idea, whether it's related to promotional activity, or not.

  • Pacing your campaigns and finding the additional budget to have them run leading up to Prime Day and some days after, will pay off in the long run.

  • Stefan shares his big observations, after scrutinizing the Prime Day data and comparing it with the data from previous years.

  • Everybody benefited from this year's Prime Day.

  • Stefan experienced a lot more enthusiasm, and less skepticism, with his clients around Prime Day this year.

  • The increased sales volume can potentially lead to repeat purchases and reviews on your listing.

  • Stefan would choose to invest as much money as he could spare during Prime Day.

  • Stefan shares some great Prime Day advertising tips and strategies.