Episode 51 - (Amazon PPC) Software Is Eating the World




Have you been wondering why there's been such a huge explosion of new software lately? Today, Michael Erickson Facchin of Ad Badger joins us on the show to share his insights on the topic. Kiri and Michael discuss the evolution of PPC software, why there is such an explosion in technology and automation lately as well as Michael’s exciting new venture.

Michael has been in PPC, in the Amazon space, for more than ten years now, running Search Scientists, a paid search agency that does Amazon, Google, and Facebook ads. With Ad Badger, Michael helps Amazon sellers improve their paid traffic campaigns through smart automation and lightning-fast customization.

To get more insights from Michael and learn more about his story, tune in!

It has been really cool to see all of the ups and downs, challenges and new problems to solve. For me, that’s the thing that is most exciting about business and this journey of entrepreneurship, of building companies.
— Michael Erickson Facchin


  • Michael talks about his exciting new venture with Ad Badger.

  • Kiri has recently been inundated with pitches from different Amazon PPC automation software companies.

  • Currently, there are way fewer barriers to entry into the world of software than ever before.

  • Michael explains why developing new software today is very different to how it was, fifteen, ten, or even five years ago.

  • Software developers are in high demand lately, and they're easy to find, so you don't need to be a coder anymore to build software.

  • Why Amazon has become so popular in 2019.

  • Why there's been such an explosion in technology lately.

  • Why Michael decided to launch Ad Badger, and what makes it unique.

  • Michael explains his wish for Ad Badger.

  • Michael really enjoys optimizing PPC campaigns.

  • Michael optimizes PPC campaigns in adherence to the best practices of PPC optimization.

  • How Ad Badger differs from other PPC automation tools.

  • The metrics you should be looking at to measure how well a PPC automation tool is actually enhancing your ad campaign.

  • What separates a good software company from a bad one.

  • Where humans fit into a world where software is increasingly improving at carrying out tasks that were previously done by people.