Episode 52 - Category Insights from the CPG Industry




If you’ve ever been curious about how others got involved in the world of e-commerce, or what keeps them working there, or even how you might learn more about breaking into the field yourself, then you’re going to enjoy this episode.

Calvin Lammers is today’s special guest and he is the Director of E-commerce at Spindrift, the beverage company. Listen in as Calvin reveals the path he took from retail to e-commerce, how he discovered his niche once he got there, and the simple joy that keeps him motivated in this field. You’ll also hear him share some helpful information on keeping updated on best practices within the marketplace.

I think it’s entirely beneficial to hear what people outside the CPG space are doing because it’s important to hear an outsider’s perspective.
— Calvin Lammers


  • Starting out in retail can be a path to e-commerce.

  • Calvin discusses category management from a retailer perspective.

  • Before consumables space, Calvin had an interest in the fashion space, and was always looking for new opportunities.

  • He honed his analytical skills as an inventory planner for the online J.Crew, which was one of his favorite men’s fashion brands at the time. This gave him a completely different look at the dot.com business.

  • The entrepreneurial spirit of leading the cpg (consumer packaged goods) space.

  • The excitement of meeting people and seeing the reactions when they love the product or the brand with which you are associated, and helping to drive that e-commerce connection, is what has kept Calvin in the cpg category.

  • Maintaining the e-commerce network, facilitating conversations within the network, and knowledge sharing.

  • Kiri expounds on learning from other categories, and why beta-testing and rollouts often follow after a different category leads the way.

  • How the integration of talent from standalone dot.com sites into the parent company has been interesting to see.

  • Calvin offers advice about how to learn more about working in the e-commerce space.


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