Episode 54 - Transitioning from Vendor to Seller: A Success Story




In today’s episode, we are joined by Bobsled Client Project Manager Jordan Ripley, who is back on the show, this time together with one of his clients, James Ray from Little Seed Farm. Fairly recently, Little Seed Farm transitioned from Vendor to Seller Central, where they now sell directly to their Amazon customers. Making the switch from a vendor to a seller account on Amazon has caused a lot of brands to feel concerned for various reasons. So, although we've covered this topic before on the podcast, it's always encouraging to share a success story along with some of the best practices that contributed to a seamless transition.

Little Seed Farm crafts organic, nourishing skincare products, and their packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. The farm is 100% solar-powered, so all their products are manufactured using clean energy, making them good for the earth as well as for your body. Little Seed Farm is very well-known for its natural and healthy deodorants and their excellent baby products. In today's episode, James describes Little Seed's mostly smooth transition from Vendor Central to Seller Central, and Jordan shares with us some insights and practices that helped them transition particularly well. Tune in now to find out more. 

What I love about Amazon and the Seller Central side of it is that it’s so similar to running your own website.
— James Ray


  • Little Seed's history with Amazon, up until the time they decided to make the switch to Seller Central.

  • James talks about a problem that Little Seed encountered with Vendor Central, back in February, that motivated their move over to Seller Central.

  • Making a smooth transition to Seller Central with the help of Bobsled Marketing.

  • There were a couple of months where they weren't shipping as much inventory as before. This was a bit of a strain but, other than that, the transition went smoothly.

  • From a customer perspective, very little changed when they moved over to Seller Central.

  • Overall, they are much happier with Seller Central.

  • Some of the problems and broader issues with Amazon that brands face on Vendor Central.

  • The price-matching requirement from Amazon can sometimes be pretty frustrating. 

  • Jordan discusses some of the things that helped Little Seed's transition go particularly well.

  • A small issue they encountered with the vendor support team.

  • Some of the intricacies that they had to navigate for the transition.

  • The things that James appreciates the most about Seller Central.

  • It took about two months to three to make the change.

  • Sales have been picking up well.

  • Some advice for vendors who are thinking about transitioning to Seller Central.


  • Find out more about Little Seed Farm

  • Use the code BOBSLED to get 15% off your first order.

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