Episode 55 - The Future of Retail Is Sustainable, with FutureCommerce




Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange from the Future Commerce Podcast are here today for an amazing discussion about retail trends. Phillip and Brian started Future Commerce three years ago, initially just as a podcast, but they quickly realized that their platform was trusted by more people than they had ever expected. The attention they received allowed them to partner with some of the most prestigious organizations in the retail world and really have an impact. Over the last year, they've pivoted towards the discovery and exchange of ideas that can lead to the altering of future outcomes, not just for brands, but for the whole world around us. Tune in now, to get some great insights from Phillip and Brian.

Future Commerce has become bigger than a podcast. It's become a media company dedicated to a sustainable future, and the exchanging of ideas. It's also a community of people who want to understand how to step into the future thoughtfully and smartly. So, although they are called Future Commerce, they are not just focusing on predicting future trends, but they are approaching the tools you need to shape the future of your retail business. They are putting out all sorts of content, engaging in a lot of different conversations, and talking to a lot of different brands. Listen in today, to find out more about Future Commerce, its role, and what it stands for.

Instead of conversion, conversion, conversion, it’s vision, plan, conversion.
— Brian Lange


  • Future Commerce is offering an outlook for the future so that you can proactively change outcomes to enrich the world around you, to help the disenfranchised, and to save the planet.

  • All the elements of the American dream are powered by commerce and the way that we exchange goods and services.

  • This year, Future Commerce has partnered with Internet Retailer, and with the National Retail Federation in the United States.

  • They have also partnered with WB Research, which has e-commerce and retail-centric events all over the world. 

  • The future-casting element of their platform results in real action, today.

  • Brian and Phillip both come from backgrounds of doing digital commerce and retail consulting.

  • Avoiding the trap that a lot of legacy brands have fallen into.

  • A modern brand has a conscience, and a story to tell about how they balance purpose and profit. 

  • Modern brands need to show how they will sustainably meet the needs of tomorrow.

  • Talking about macro and micro trends.

  • Brands that are body-positive, and care about corporate responsibility, are on the rise.

  • The challenge that legacy brands are facing currently.

  • The future of commerce, right now.

  • The environmental impact of fast delivery.

  • Taking responsibility, as a consumer, to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Brian makes a prediction for the future of retail.

  • About the report that Brian and Phillip have coming out, to help guide retailers and brands with their decision making.

We believe that commerce and retail are at the center of life itself, especially in the United States.
— Phillip Jackson


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